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about From Mug to Mike -  A Pioneering Initiative for Bathroom Singers From Mug to Mike is a pioneering initiative and the response has been absolutely overwhelming! Sunil Koshy, a techie and trained singer is the trainer and creator of the workshop. Sunil Koshy and his wife, Archana Hallikeri, who is also a techie, have been designing and conducting these workshops, opening a new world of endless opportunities for bathroom singers. 'From Mug to Mike' - How did the concept evolve? The concept is inspired by the millions who simply love singing, for those who would like to graduate from mug to mike, but just don't have the nerve to! This workshop is designed keeping in mind the many people who just love to sing at office parties or other gatherings(and mostly film songs), though they have never had the opportunity or time to learn music formally. The main highlight of this workshop is that each participant gets to record his or her voice in a high end studio, a truly unique experience for the bathroom singer! Also, a detailed and critical analysis of the participant’s singing – his/her strengths and areas for improvement will be given. Other highlights are that this workshop provides on a platter the basics of traditional training and also tips and tricks of singing, including voice culture, studio singing and other nuances of film singing, that are not taught usually in traditional music systems. Many myths and misconceptions about singing and learning music will also be busted. This workshop will also help one understand the reason behind stage fright and how to overcome it, once and for all!

Workshop Evolution

workshop1 The journey for these people started with the primer workshop, where they came out of their bathrooms and straight into the recording studio. They recorded for the first time ever in a high end studio, and also discovered secrets of professional singing. They were given a detailed analysis of their singing, their strengths and improvement areas. Advanced workshops are conducted, which give them vocal exercises to work on their improvement areas effectively and quickly. The workshops have been happening in Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Trivandrum.

Cutting across age, backgrounds and geographies

Singers from Pune, Chennai, Trivandrum and other places in Karnataka including Mysore, Shimoga, Hubli, Belgaum, and other cities have been attending the workshops, and people of ages ranging from 5 to 80. Started in April 2013, we have had over 2000 participants attend our workshops. More than 100 workshops have been conducted including the different levels. workshop2 With the increasing popularity of the workshop, Sunil Koshy is ready to conduct similar workshops in different cities in India. 'Interested people have also been contacting us from other cities in India and abroad too, London, Germany, US, Dubai and other countries, and we are certain to cater to bathroom singers globally, soon!' adds Sunil Koshy. 'From Mug to Mike' is the biggest revolution of bathroom singers, where bathroom singers decided that they will no longer remain just bathroom singers! There are 3 levels of the workshop before one can go on stage – Primer, Advanced and Stage Show Preparatory workshops. We have conducted 3 Seasons, which includes 5 stage shows, and other shows celebrating World Music Day, Vijayadashami and online auditions inviting bathroom singers all over the globe.
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About Sunil Koshy

Sunil Koshy is the creator of the From Mug to Mike workshops, helping thousands of bathroom singers chuck the mug and grab the mike! Reboot, India’s first audio film, which narrates the story of a techie through music, is also his creation. Sunil Koshy is a trained singer and techie, who has recorded with leading musicians like Keith Peters, Alwyn Fernandes, Ustad Faiyaz Khan and top lyricists like Jayant Kaikini. He has taken sabbaticals from working as a techie going in search of music gurus, and has learnt from some of the best gurus across the country. In August 2013, Sunil won the 1st KIMA (Kannada International Music Awards) for Best Male Singer in Non Film category for his song, 'O Gelatiye' from REBOOT, India's first audio film.


  • Murugesh Koppad

    “Leaving my without–reference life behind and heading to my destination with the right direction” I shared a common trait with many other singing enthusiasts-Lack of Direction. I saw a post on FB one day, From Mug-to-Mike. It was about music. It was about singing. Immediately my musical DNA signalled the brain to explore it. I spoke to close friends who had taken part in this workshop and then I was in. I registered myself. What was I expecting! & what happened… I was in the workshop, all ears! Sunil Sir introduced us to some unvisited, comfortable and unknown areas of singing through demonstrations, and sharing his experiences which one can easily relate to. Studio recording was an opportunity that I had never had before in life. A critical analysis of our recordings by Sunil Sir …

  • Dilip Badami

    “In Pursuit of the Timbre in my Voice” Interest in singing began in the bathrooms, and singing to my daughters who even today appreciate and remember most of the songs. I will always remember R.D. Burman’s words ‘There is good timbre in your voice’; I am trying to find that timbre. A couple of months back I read this article in Bangalore Mirror, of Times of India Newspapers on ‘From MUG TO MIKE’. I immensely liked the Mug to Mike concept, as though it was specially conceptualized for Bathroom Singers like me. Also at the same time I seem to like the person in the photograph. This seemed to be an opportunity to test the ‘TIMBRE in my voice’ at a real studio. I must thank the author of the article for publishing the contact …

  • Zeena Crasta

    Has a degree in fashion management and is a content writer by profession, Zeena has been fond of singing since her school days. However, due to lack of encouragement she could not learn singing. She came to Bangalore against her parent’s wishes just to learn singing for a year, but was disappointed when she did not find the right place, and her hopes were dashed. Finally through a friend, she came to know about Mug to Mike and without a second thought decided that this is the platform to give way to her hidden passion. Says an exuberant Zeena, ‘Mug to Mike has helped me gain back my confidence which I had lost long back. Singing in a studio has been a dream which I never thought I would be able to fulfill ever. All …

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