A Musical Plea from Every Voiceless Creation by Ajit Padmanabh

A soulful music video for every animal lover.  In conversation with musician and animal lover, Ajit Padmanabh. 
How old are your animal friends?
We take care of community animals – Dogs and Cats that live in our area and that visit home whenever they wish to bless us with their presence 🙂  One such feline star is a calico named Kit Kat aka Kitoolee. She brought herself to our house 3 years ago, and visits us everyday. We also have the gracious presence of her male friend, Oreo and 2 kittens, Akash and Bhumi. And then there are other delightful felines like Chestnut and Daisy. And equally adorable canines – Pinku, Billu, Yudi, Yug, Stanley, Nisha, Puppy, Sweetheart, Sweetie Pie…the list is endless. Our animal brood spans across different ages and share one common trait among them all – unconditional love for the humans!
What inspired you to do “Please Dont Go”?
My wife is an animal welfare worker and volunteers with a few animal welfare organizations to help animals that are abandoned, get a forever home – their place for the rest of their life. When I heard stories of abandonment and did my research on it being a worldwide phenomenon, I spent a small amount of time imagining my life turning that way, putting myself in their situation. Empathy took over and I realised it’s a tough life being targetted maliciously for no fault of theirs, living a nomadic life looking for basic needs like water in peak summers or looking for warmth in peak winters, not knowing where the next meal is located or even when they would get it. All this moved me to a point where the title of the song showed itself, a plea from the pet’s perspective asking the owners not to leave them, Please Don’t Go.
One game that your animals enjoy the most
Kitoolee loves getting into the house, conducting regular recce of the rooms and to spot any changes in the decor, alignment of objects or any new human presence at home. Oreo, enjoys butting his head against our legs, a sign that very few animals show – a sign of blind trust. Oreo gets terrified whenever he sees a truck on our street and hides behind us – maybe a bad personal experience he has had in the past associated with trucks.  Bhumi and Akash play with each other and its a joy to watch them enjoy each other’s company. The dogs love their rubs and the look of bliss on their faces when scratched in affection by a human is just so priceless!
What is the biggest challenge faced by most of the pet owners?
I think this question would be best answered by those who own pets. And I am sure there are many. In our case, the animals and us coexist and we have not faced any challenges. They communicate with us as we do with them. They know what’s going on in our lives as much as our families do. They have a lot of stories to tell at any given point in time – its delightful to listen to them share their stories in their own way and style!
The most rewarding thing about having an animal to look after
Like human family, I have experienced unconditional love with these wonderful beings. Kitoolee sprints from the door to the gate to welcome us all home, in the evenings, while Oreo waits for its head-butt opportunity. I have spent time with them alone, looked at the stars, shared my dreams with them and they patiently listen, non-judgmental. Kitoolee also visits my studio and takes the composer’s chair when I am not around!
A strong message for all pet owners
Am sure our life throws us all challenges and we take decisions to move on in life. When we take such a decision, do not leave your animals behind – for them you are family, and when you are not around, they do not know anyone else! Its a nightmare that unfolds for them when their humans move away from them. Do your best to figure out cohesive, holistic solutions that are the best for you and for the animal. Even if you need to relocate outside of the country, there are animal relocation services available that ensure that the animal in question is truly taken care of during the process, and seamlessly integrated with the family in the new environment. At the end of the day, all that matters to the animal is you! Not a new place, not new surroundings. Animals are truly adjusting and its always true that ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’  If one needs to make decisions in their lives, it would include their human family. Such decisions should also encompass the animal family members because the Unconditional Love that they have for their humans is beyond priceless! The animals are as much a part of this world as we humans are. We are all One, The World Over (which happens to be another song from the album).
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