The Marathon Singer – Rajani

Early morning you will find her running on the beaches and streets of Chennai training for different marathon events. What about the heat - you ask, well, when it comes to practice, everything else can take a backseat. She is a marathon runner apart from being ...

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Happy Birthday to Chinnakuyil KS Chithra

Happy Birthday Chithra Madam! Wishing the legend, who is humility personified, a Very Happy Birthday!
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A Musical Account from Lucknow

Ashish Srivastava hails from Lucknow, a city which has produced great talents in the culture. A very passionate singer, to whom music is life, is a banker by profession. He attended From Mug to Mike workshops and recently released an original music video – Sai Saptha Smaranam. ...

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The Singing Banker – Rekha Arun

Rekha Arun is an Assistant Vice President in a leading bank in Bengaluru. She has a great passion for singing, and strikes a balance between work and singing.Rekha attended From Mug to Mike workshops and recently released an original music video – S...

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FAQs About the Workshop

I have no prior training. Can I attend this workshop? What are the prerequisites?
On a lighter note, the ONLY prerequisite is that you should have sung at least once in the bathroom!
This workshop is for anybody who loves to sing. No prior training required! Read More

Mother’s Day Special Level 1 Workshop in Bangalore

All India Radio (AIR) is known as Ākāshvāṇī since 1956 which translates to Voice from the sky. And it is so apt that this Mother’s day, From Mug To Mike is organizing a special workshop at AIR, Bangalore.

You ask how this i...

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Margazhi Special Workshop in Chennai on Dec 21, 2014

Hello all, I am totally excited to announce the Margazhi Special Workshop that will happen in Chennai on Dec 21(Sunday), 2014. Margazhi Season is a month and half long feast for Classic...

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