FAQs About the Workshop

I have no prior training. Can I attend this workshop? What are the prerequisites?
On a lighter note, the ONLY prerequisite is that you should have sung at least once in the bathroom!
This workshop is for anybody who loves to sing. No prior training required!
Is there an age limit?
No, there is no age limit. We have had participants ranging from 5 to 80!
Chuck the Mug, Grab the Mike!
You will get to record one full song of your choice (without music) in the high end studio.
What Preparations do I need?
1) Please come prepared to record a song of your choice (any language) without music. This is to understand your voice better.
2) Carry the lyrics of the song you wish to record, if required
3) A note book and a pen to make notes
4) A water bottle
How Do I sound when I Sing?
Your recording along with a very detailed analysis of your voice and singing, highlighting your strengths and identifying the areas for improvement will be emailed to you after the workshop.
Will other participants hear me while I record my song?
No, each participant gets to record in private.
Can I bring along a friend/family member?
Only participants will be allowed to sit through the session. However, if you are coming with your family or friend they can make themselves comfortable in the studio premises. Please note, this is designed to help us serve you better.

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