"Leaving my without–reference life behind and heading to my destination with the right direction"I shared a common trait with many other singing enthusiasts-Lack of Direction. I saw a post on FB one day, From Mug-to-Mike. It was about music. It was about singing. Immediately my musical DNA signalled the brain to explore it. I spoke to close friends who had taken part in this workshop and then I was in. I registered myself. What was I expecting! & what happened... I was in the workshop, all ears! Sunil Sir introduced us to some unvisited, comfortable and unknown areas of singing through demonstrations, and sharing his experiences which one can easily relate to. Studio recording was an opportunity that I had never had before in life. A critical analysis of our recordings by Sunil Sir himself, not just pointed out my Strengths and improvement areas, but also presented me with challenges. At the workshop, I understood how imperative it is to learn the right things. Inspired by what I had started to believe in, I ended up getting a Harmonium for myself. It is the first musical instrument in my family. What is life without reference or a Datum! I believe that the whole experience I had there is not just about music. It is about getting infected with an attitude and developing an insight that can help us to be complete and to be able to compete at different levels. Right people like Sunil Sir can only do the right things to you in life, and that is what happened to me at From Mug to Mike. If I think of the outcome, personally, I am actually going places. There are 3 octaves to cover. I have a depth to reach and summit to climb. My musical Journey now has a new destination called Perfection!