Singing Workshops


What is the Level One workshop all about?

‘From Mug to Mike’ primer workshop is an introduction to professional singing.

You will be introduced to: 

  • The basics of traditional training
  • The most important qualities that a professional singer should develop
  • Tips and tricks of professional singing – how to develop range, stamina, control, how much do you open your mouth while singing, how to bring feeling into your song.
  • Misconceptions and myths about singing
  • Qualities of a playback singer
  • Problems that singers generally face while singing
  • Introduction to music terminologies and jargon that you will come by in the musical world
  • Nuances of film singing, that are not taught usually in traditional music systems
  • How to get over stage fright
  • Recording in a studio and techniques. Studio etiquette. Demonstration of what technology can do to your voice. Starting with basics like “how far away from the mike do I stand?”
  • You will also be taught few voice exercises to improve your singing and voice.
  • Your recording along with a very detailed analysis of your voice and singing, highlighting your strengths and identifying the areas for improvement will be emailed to you after the workshop.

If you are wondering how ready you are to go into a studio right away, the answer is “you can never really be ready”. By being in the studio you are also learning your art with the right tools.


You have been through the basics with us in Level 1 and you have even recorded in the studio. What next?

This is where our Level 2 workshop should help you. We will help you learn to culture your voice and work on your improvement areas. Remember, in Level 1, we would have already listed out your “Improvement areas” as part of the feedback after your studio recording. We will go into details of what “Riyaaz” or the discipline of singing practice is all about. We will help you plan out a daily schedule of practice so you get better every day, and make large strides of improvement over time.

This training workshop will also cover specific areas like stamina, breath control, range, precision of notes, grasping tricky notes, expression. You will be taught how to practice each exercise the right way and how to develop a practice regimen. You will also get to record one song with a karaoke set up, in the studio, during this workshop.

On completion of Level 2, the you will be eligible for Level 3, which is a three to four month preparation schedule, and which you will complete with a grand public stage show.


If you have come to this level, it means you are serious about pursuing your music. Which is why we believe you shouldn’t stop at Level 2. Level 3 helps you practise the exercises of Level 2 (many of us tend to otherwise just stop). The focus here is on improving your voice. We usually spread this out over weekends, so it won’t interfere with your work.

All practise sessions in Level 3 are conducted in a sound-proof studio. You need not worry about your neighbours complaining about all the odd hours of music you might otherwise indulge in! And in the three months that this level lasts, you will better yourself as not only a singer, but a performer, getting ready for a stage show. Remember, with continuous training, your listening power and grasp over music also improves. You learn to “appreciate” a song with all its nuances.

Participants will be trained to a sing couple of songs, including solos and duets. Again, training will be along with karaoke tracks.

We will guide you to select suitable songs for a performance, how to master the rendition of a song perfectly with nuances, and perform them adeptly on stage. We will take you to the next level of perfection.

Please note that at none of the Levels of workshops do we indulge in any screening, or elimination. We are NOT a reality show.
Finally when you perform on stage, it will be in front of not just the comfort zone of family and friends, but people from the music industry and the public – real “audience” who don’t know you.

The big question – what after the workshops?

So you have been through our workshops, have performed on stage and are pleased with the result. What do you do now?

We can keep you going, if you are serious about pursuing your musical dreams, by offering you tailor-made courses and individual music sessions