Music Productions

  • We do end-to- end compositions for jingles, background scores, short films, and feature films
  • We create singles/solos and mash-ups for multi-artist projects and films
  • Host tailored corporate orkshops where all things musical can be applied to corporate fields like team building

We work with the best people in the music and film industry across Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi and other cities.


We could help you make your first music video or create your talent show reel.

These days very often, talent hunters look at show reels uploaded online. This is one way of being “discovered”

Singing covers and karaoke’s can only take you that far. In a world flooded with so many new musicians every day, we cannot stress enough the importance of creating your own single. What always stands out, is originality.

Giving life to fresh lyrics and a new tune, and not copying another singer — that is where the challenge lies. It is only in your own song that you can express your true self. Don’t equate singing to just playback singing always. Aspiring singers who have gone through the three levels of workshops will by then understand what this means! We will help you create your own song and cut an audio single or album.


We will help you create your single from scratch – conceptualize, get lyrics written, compose tunes, hire musicians and studio, train you for the song, create the scratch tune, master and mix it in a high-end professional studio, hire a shooting unit to make a music video, hand hold you through the shoot, and see it through till the final product is satisfactorily in your hands.

We always advise our singers never to hesitate to invest in music. Art doesn’t come cheap and easy; you must invest in it – invest your money, time, and passion.

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Take a music-action!

You are an NRI, here in India for a vacation, probably with your children. You or your children might want some intensive music lessons before you go back to the rigours of your daily life back abroad. We offer tailor-made medications. Give us even three days of your time here and we can design a project just for you, and give you something to take back. We have experience doing this, so all you need to do is ask, and tell us your specifications.